In 2023, We Stayed The Course.
PSG Helps Software Companies Navigate
Transformational Growth

Resiliency comes from deep within us and in the communities we build. This past year, we continued to invest in category-leading SaaS companies with mission-critical applications and worked together to provide actionable support.

We’re powered by a collaborative community whose passion, grit, and expertise allow us to cut through the noise and help software companies capitalize on opportunities for growth, at scale and at speed.
$1.4 Billion
Invested in 2023
$10.7 Billion
Invested since inception
New platform investments
Platform investments (all time)
(as of 2.9.2024)
Our purpose, foundation for growth, and dedication to our partners is unwavering. Together, we’re one team working towards an aligned goal.
Partnership means everything.

As partners, our ultimate goal is to add value and help our portfolio companies grow in ways they couldn’t alone. Through the inevitable highs and lows, we’re right there alongside our partners.

We’re focused on profitable growth.

We believe we’ve built a tried and tested growth engine that helps software businesses unlock their full potential for growth, expansion, and impact.

Software has untapped potential.

We think the AI revolution is creating waves of opportunity for businesses. Our team is here for it, and is actively finding new ways to innovate alongside our portfolio companies.

14 platform investments and 39 add-ons made in 2023. Highlights include:

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